Hello guys.. before we know as far as we need about the Corona Virus, let me introduce myself as a newbie writer.. I’m Agus Deka Pujawan as student in polytechnic piksi ganesha bandung , then i really likes to share about anything what i feel that’s it really important. so i wanna try to share the issue about this pandemic “corona virus” and also to remember us that we should be careful right now.

So .. i hope after u all read this blog, you all can give mind & opinion too, or share this to your social media also u can write ur oppinion on chat below. if you think that really important to help me make this to be perfect.

So let’s go … keep fighting, protect our health so we can helps other to stop this Corona disease

What’s Corona Virus.? appear & to prevent Corona Virus (Covid-19) remember ” Corona patients can get better”
Corona Virus ( Covid-19 ) is a new Virus that this able to affect ur Breathing and the first time Covid-19 was identified in Wuhan City (Tiongkok). The Corona Virus is infectious disease and still same family such as MERS VIRUS & SARS VIRUS

So the symptoms of the Corona Virus is :

High Fever
Cough and Flu
pressure breathing problems
sore throat
tired (pooped)
and also Corona Virus Spreading is :

and also u will have the virus if u getting infected fluid and then u touch ur nose , eyes , lips (mouth)
So guys to protected our health to counter the disease corona virus is we should to do change all of bad habits we have it with how we can start with a little things and that is : “Lets we wash hand correctly” in every condition we need it.

gosok punggung setiap sela-sela jari kedua tangan
gosok kedua telapak tangan dan sela-sela jari
gosok jari-jari sisi dalam dari kedua tangan dan saling mengunci
gosok ibu jari berputar dalam genggaman
gosokan dengan memutar ujung jari-jari tangan ditelapak tangan



Penggunaan masker efektif jika dibarengi sering mencuci tangan. dan perhatikan cara mencuci tangan yanga benar
bila menggunakan masker , anda harus tau cara penggunaannya serta membuangnya dengan benar
berikan masker untuk orang yang sakit , ini lebih efektif untuk mengurangi penyebaran virus corona.
And now you know what is the symptoms of this virus and also you can teach or share to other people who doesn’t know about this virus. We should be careful on public and every where we go so that we are safe.

Thank you for Reading my article I hope it can help you

Agus Deka Pujawan (Politeknik piksi ganesha Bandung)

Day’s 1 TVET Programme scholarship- Never fear to beyond the limits

when i woke up in the morning, on the day 4th november 2019. i suddenly remembered about the great words i has ever read, that a winner will never stop trying and destiny is not something to wait for but something to achieve.

my departure from husein bandung airport accompany by Feby rulia at the time of 8.30 am and we both arrived in kuala lumpur international airport at 11.40 am, we are the representative and trusted for joining the TVET scholarship programme from politeknik piksi ganesha to politeknik mersing.

after that , we met ms fara as (coordinator teacher) in airport and also mr. razi as (driver), then we went to look the greatest tower in kuala lumpur city, that is the twins tower. we took some photo there and it’s the best experience that i have when i saw the twins tower

about us 🙂

DAY’S 2 TVET Programme scholarship- Never fear to beyond the limits

Today , exactly at 5 November 2019 I already start my internship in Hotel Seri Mersing , My first impression is I’m so Excited , why.? because all of this is my first time to got an internship in other countries .. I suddenly remember all of my ambition that I wanna reach .. yeah .. I mean I have 1 step to achieve my ambition and goals. then here I start , all of my internship experience is begon.

DAY’S 3 TVET Programme scholarship- Never fear to beyond the limits

In 6th November 2019 , My first Division that I have is HRD “Human Resource Development”, yeah, here is my first times to got a work in HRD division here I was accompany by Ms. Nasuha Izzati as Manager of HRD. I become her staff assistant HRD. basically I like all the job that involves computer why.? because that’s my passion and i like it so much. There I have a task to start typed all the 2018 employee holidays in Ms.excel covering in annual leave , sick leave , official leave & maternity leave. Then I’m able to do all the works so well , I’m very confident & i can pass it all, Yeah it’s very excellent for me.

DAY’S 4 – 26 – 27 TVET Programme scholarship- Never fear to beyond the limits

day’s 4 , It’s time for me to stay in sales & marketing department here Ms. Siti Normala as staff sales & Mr.Aidi as Manager sales they accompany me to know more about the sales department. Here Ms. Siti tell me that sales department is the brain of this hotel .. Mr.Aidi told that sales department is the core because it will effect the company progress & decline a company. Sales should be introduce to our product guest ,promotion,calculating needs, read the situation and sensitive conditions and even the sales department must improve the hotel revenue’s. So they said to me that if you want to become a good sales atleast you should have above criteria above. :))

DAY’S 8 – 9 -10 TVET Programme scholarship- Never fear to beyond the limits

morning is coming , precisely in 8 November 2019 not take a long times the time has come. the main event on this vacation is we went to visit the cameroon higlands, but in the first day we went to visit the university british kuala lumpur malaysia actually I need to prepare all of my stuff that I wanna take. I was almost late to packed I should be done at 09.00 am but I’m still lucky on that time because the bus come late to pick up in the place. yeah that’s the first mistake that I have and after that I was more aware of time and Yeay.. at 11.30 my journey start 🙂

In our journey , we visit many interested place to eat and when I look the building structures it amazed me it’s so great and so clean. I dont know maybe if I compare with indonesia and malaysia is more good than indonesia, If we look in clean environment. but also it’s can made me a reason for more care and love about the environment in indonesia. after i go back , maybe i’ll stop to made tidy the environment in indonesia , by not littering like malaysia’s habit.

tomorrow is coming . the heavy rain isn’t stopping us to visit and study learning in british university malaysia there is so luxury when I was looking at the building structures on the university and also facility in the campus. I’m just only visit one building and it made me so sad .. Because I think the campus is very big but i know we just need to visit 1 building because we are will having a study for learning in major D3 Electrical subject. But overall I like all kind the of it, lets me show u all of kind images when I study learn there :))

okay .. let i tell you about what we got when i in british university malaysia. There i got a material learning of introduction system solar fotovolta (PV) & Parts of system fotovolta , but in indonesia we call that sistem listrik tenaga surya. i got a new things for looking each equipment to become a tool of solar fotovolta. many of function of that has been explain by mastering dozen in british university. all of this is a new things for me and great knowledge that i have.

day’s 2 is the main event of all , when i was getting my happiness tomorrow .. we are arrived in cameroon higlands then we goes to cameroon higlands and serious guys i wanna say “what was that” .. is so beautifull. we lookin to the hill is around by tea garden. after that there we made any games for making a situation more fun and become a great moment for us. 1st games is we should to drinks a ice fruits quickly , 2nd games eat big cucumber quickly too , 3rd games we have to entering a biskuit from forehead to mouth without touch it. 4th games blow the gas ballon until it erupts. 5th is teamwork games , we have to made 3 groups after that blow one pack of balloon to become a square and we must to sit on above that balloon.

and then at 09.00 pm we gather on 1 places . follow on habits in malaysia , after we finish all event before then in night , we have to exchange gifts for the closing last games. it’s so made me so sad and happiness , because in this parts i have a lot of happiness when we gather but also this is become ending for all. i just hope i can meet them again later and doing have fun together like when we doing many things in cameroon higlands.

day’s 3 is time for us to back to polytechnic .. there we visit 3 places tourist attraction while we go back such as we are visiting strawberry , lavender , chocolate. we are taking some photo there and buy something for we gift to our family and also around the place together.

DAY’S 11 TVET Programme scholarship- Never fear to beyond the limits

here i back to my daily routinities .. it’s like im watching an animes , movies , do an assignment , washing my clothes and walking around the polytechnic. but on this day is time for me to miss my family, i have video calls with them. :))

DAY’S 12 – 13 – 14 TVET Programme scholarship- Never fear to beyond the limits

today here i meet kak emma , kak ummi , and bang rizki in food and beverages department. they’re very friendly when i come to this department and also here them tell me about how to prepare all of food for guest come in. from we cleaning a plate and all equipment .. until we places the food. and also how to made SOP for breakfast , lunch and dinner. and then on this department is very so busy im so serious, when im here .. we have so many events and reservation. so at the all times hard for us to get the time for rest. we always do clean everthing and also rearranging all things that relate on food and beverages. im very salute to them because they’re doing everything so quickly but done as well. so in here i have an experience to be aware of time also not wasting times and keep carefully to doing all of that. :))

DAY’S 15 – 16 – 17 TVET Programme scholarship- Never fear to beyond the limits

Here is the one of division i like .. because this relate with computer. i can look a program IFCA sofware in front office .. i learn that with kak fizo .. kak fizo tell me how to we should doing when guest come on this hotel. to enroll guest to the IFCA software , fill form check in until check out. and also in front office we have to do SOP too , start from arrange each document until we sort the code number of guest form as well. here .. im just thinking that i should can made this software too, i take all photo about this program to know more of the function. because my subject is management system information so here if when i got my last smester later. i have to do made a software like IFCA.

DAY’S 18 TVET Programme scholarship- Never fear to beyond the limit

here.. there have a different because we are going to kedai JB in the morning, when we arrived on JB kedai , we difficult to get place for us to sit.. it’s so noisy and crowded. i ask to ms linda, is this kedai always crowded and ms linda said this kedai is so famous in mersing. beside the delicious and seasoning is famous for its soft chanai bread texture and delicious curry. when waiter come to us , not take a long time for me to order two roti chanai. and serious, it’s so delicious. if in indonesia have it, i’ll come to this kedai each morning. this is my first time feel about the great taste on bread. i’ll save this moment in my mind and maybe because in my city still not yet , i’ll try to made this in indonesia for to try open the business with my minion “mariel”.

DAY’S 19 – 20 TVET Programme scholarship- Never fear to beyond the limit

here i have a task on division account , i accompany with bang zul , bang rizal and kak zhu eza. they’re talk with me and their so fun, their give me a journal while explain about the SOP on account Division. sometimes it’s made me so dizzy , because many of number i have to learn .. T_T . i should be carefully and thorough because when whoever do a mistakes , because it’s will become a fatal error. so them tell me about the rule and SOP for me to do in account. all the tasks are neatly organized and I have to follow the rules , so the work will look easy and organized

DAY’S 21 – 22 – 23 – 24 TVET Programme scholarship- Never fear to beyond the limit

here i got division house keeping .. i accompany with kak faza , kak jamila and bang aidi. in this department we are should to be a smart , fast , and have a good healthy. because kak jamila said that housekeeping is heavy works. we should to made clean of tidy room and also must to reinstall all of equipment on the room. it’s like bath towel , hand towel , shampoo , soap , food and drinks etc. i feel really so tired when i do this job because im not always do a hard work. but in this department made me get a new experience and many things i have to learn for important to manage a time and step by step to a be efficient.

DAY’S 26 TVET Programme scholarship- Never fear to beyond the limit

during our do an internship , in today we have a new things. because ms.Nasuha in HRD department give use permittion for getting holidays. and also ms.fara have a schedule for us to follow acara gathering panitia Orientasi mahasiswa baru & jalan jalan ke johor bahru. we going to kota tinggi at 09.45 am and arrived at 12.10 .. when i there and out of car. i saw many of student do have fun and play a teamwork games. after that ms linda & ms fara bring us to them for introduce and join to their event. then we should to following them ,i mean it’s like we have to sing together , dancing , public speaking in english etc. i dont know , im very happiness when i with them. because last i was doing like this i think when i child. and now all of that things i ever feel not only when i was child. and then after we have done public speaking , next we have to discussion of the orientation MOS committee. MOS it’s mean Masa Orientation Siswa “orientation new student” and after that they give us to become FASI ( who is escort student in group) , and finally i confirm that i’ll take that position and doing my best for it.

in the evening exactly at 17.50 after we taking some photo with them, we continue to go to Johor bahru , we saw johor bahru city at 19.00 , there so many a big building sturucture it’s like jakarta i think because lookin like metropolitan city. then we visit a kedai in johor bahru for looking a culture food in malaysia. ms fara and ms linda give our suggest to eat satay malaysia. in indonesia they’re call this food sate. but when i try to eat this food i got many the different in taste , seasoning and texture. satay malaysia is very sweet than indonesia and also current of texture is rare. that combination is made this food so unique. after that we goes to pasar karat, i dont know maybe many of place is similar as indonesia.. pasar karat is similar like pasar baru in indonesia , because in pasar karat we can buy something like clothes, accesories , food , drinks etc. also in johor bahru we can look singapore, it’s on beside johor. sometimes when i look that , i always remember my future goals to be around the worlds and i was write in my note that singapore is the first one countries i want to come. butin actual malaysian is the first countries i come in. but is not problem for me. because the big goals i have is around the worlds :))